BLOG No. 4: “Off The Map”

Off the map?
Photo Credit: Ceren Gamze Yasar

Workshop 2: places “off the map”: bringing to light the hidden locations of urbanisation

By Will LaFleur

Helsinki, Fi — Welcome! And welcome again to those of you joining us for the second time, to our second workshop: “Places “off the map”: Bringing to light the hidden locations of urbanisation”. This month’s sessions feature research based in a broad range of locales that cast a light on the under-attended, “off the map” processes that compose the urban globally.

Thursday’s presenters address a range of topics, from architectural design competitions’ role in configuring the urban, to the multitudinous tactics, improvisations or strategies that communities employ in making and defining the places in which they dwell, often in the face of state neglect, land seizure, or gentrification. Presenters will be joined by discussants Anja Nygren, Professor of Global Development Studies at University of Helsinki, and AbdouMaliq Simone, Senior Professorial Fellow at the Urban Institute at University of Sheffield.

On Friday, our presenters cue our attention to toward myriad historical formations of the urban, as well as the need to (re)consider the ‘blue’ spaces of costal cities. On Friday morning we will be joined by discussants Hana Cervinkova, Professor of Anthropology at Maynooth University, and then in the afternoon by Hyun Bang Shin, Professor of Geography and Urban Studies at London School of Economics. Please do join us (and register if you haven’t already!) on Zoom and follow us on Twitter (@dislocatingUS), where we will be live-tweeting the sessions as they unfold.

Selected Reading Lists
As a foretaste to this weeks presenters, we have curated a bibliographic reading list in order to give you a sense of the literature behind the research, where the presenters are coming from and where they might be headed. The lists are selected to appeal to a wide array of interests. You will find representation from works that range from solidly “urban studies”, to classics in a range of disciplines and geographies, and even PhD theses. The lists contain references in more than six languages and are organised by publication type:

-PhD Theses
-Book + Edited Volumes/Book Chapters
-Journal Articles + Reports + Essays + Other

Check out the “Library” tab here in the website to download the lists. In addition, you can also navigate to the “Speakers” tap and select “Presenters” to read through the abstracts of each presenter.

Twitter: 100% Live
Alongside our Zoom session you can find us on Twitter (@dislocatingUS) where we’ll be tweeting the presentations and discussions as they happen in the fluid space-time virtual reality projected by the super-computer in your pocket. We encourage the audience to get involved by commenting and sharing when you feel moved to do so. As well, if something is preventing you from staying with our Zoom feed, you can be sure to get regular updates via Twitter.

If you need a schedule of the daily events, navigate to the “Workshops” tab where you can find daily schedules for Thursday and Friday. Then, next week, keep an eye on our blog and Twitter account as we try to further develop our thinking and discussions from the workshops.

See you on Thursday 18 and Friday 19!


The Dislocating Urban Studies Team

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