Lorena Melgaço

Lorena is a Brazilian urbanist and researcher investigating the micropolitics of socio-spatial and technological peripheralization in the postcolony. She is also interested in the impacts of the geopolitics of knowledge production in Urban Studies, with a focus on urban planning education and practice in Brazil and South Africa. Lorena’s current research draws on a decolonial lens to discuss the contradictions and socio-spatial impacts of using the smart city as a framework to address the socio-environmental crisis. Twitter: @lorenamelgaco

Defne Kadioğlu

Defne Kadıoğlu is an urban political sociologist with an interest in urban policy, housing and urban political economy. In particular she has worked on gentrification processes and their intersection with territorial stigma and racism in Germany. She also worked in the context of Turkey, in particular on the political and social dimensions of urban transformation projects in formal and informal Istanbul neighborhoods. Currently she is conducting comparative projects on urban policy, racialized territorial stigma and housing in the context of the Swedish and German welfare states.

Claudia Fonseca Alfaro

Claudia is a postcolonial and feminist urban scholar with expertise in Latin America. Her main research interest is studying the way urbanization unfolds and how global capitalism actually happens on the ground—how both shape everyday life—in the inconspicuous places of the global South. She is currently working on the project Smart Cities in the Global South: Contributing to Cosmopolitan Urban Studies.

Özlem Celik

Özlem is a University Researcher at HELSUS and Global Development Studies at the University of Helsinki. Her research concerns the political economy of urban development and change, including the politics of urban economic relations, housing, state interventions, rescaling of the state, and urban social movements. She is also interested in using participatory and collaborative methodological approaches in engagement with housing movements and activist groups. Özlem’s  current research focuses on the financialisation of housing, and the limitations and possibilities of spatial politics of solidarity through commoning practices in Turkey. She is currently editing a special issue in Housing Studies, which brings together a set of papers that examine financialisation of housing and violation of housing rights at the time of crisis and which thereby explore the contemporary state of neoliberal urbanisation in divergent political economic contexts, and co-ordinating the Urban and Regional Political Economy Working Group, IIPPE. Twitter: @oslem_celik


Livia Del Duca

Livia Del Duca is a master student in Urban Studies at Malmö University. Her background is in Architecture. Her current research interests include housing issues such as housing commodification, grassroots housing movements, welfare state provision and neoliberal urban planning. She is currently working on her research internship with Defne Kadioglu in the project Area-Based-Interventions for Stigmatized Neighborhoods: A Comparative Study for Berlin and Malmö, working on territorial stigmatisation and Area-Based Interventions.

Mark Connaughton

Mark Connaughton is a student in the Urban Studies master programme at Malmö University. He has a bachelor’s degree in linguistics and sociology, while his research interests include the financialisation of housing, housing movements, urban loneliness and nightlife’s position in the city. He is currently working as an intern with Defne on her forthcoming research project titled: Area-Based Interventions for Stigmatized Neighborhoods: A Comparative Study of Berlin and Malmö.

Freja Lina Huhle

Freja Lina Huhle is a master student in Urban Studies at Malmö University with a background in sociology. Her main research interest is how conflicts between social, economic and ecological goals effects the strive for sustainable mobility both a policy level and in peoples everyday life in both urban and rural areas in Sweden. She is currently doing a research internship within the project Capturing the impacts of changes in public transport accessibility: A mixed methods approach.

Will LaFleur

Will LaFleur is an interdisciplinary PhD researcher in Global Development Studies at the University of Helsinki, affiliated with HELSUS and EXALT. He holds a teaching license in upper-secondary social studies and has a background in anthropology and global education. His research interests include foodways and fermentation, pluriversality, post-phenomenology, political ontologies, political ecology of the body, more-than-representational methods and generally making invisible things present. His current research uses sensory ethnography in collaboration with peri-urban regenerative agriculture projects as a route for developing critiques of, and just transitions to, circular economies. Twitter: scent_ala_fleur


Miguel A. Martínez

Miguel A. Martínez is Professor of Housing and Urban Sociology at the IBF (Institute for Housing and Urban Research), Uppsala University (Sweden). He has conducted studies about urban sociology, housing, social movements, and participatory-activist methodologies. He is the author of Squatters in the Capitalist City (Routledge, 2020), editor of The Urban Politics of Squatters’ Movements (Palgrave, 2018), and co-editor of Contested Cities and Urban Activism (Palgrave, 2019). Most of his publications are freely available at:www.miguelangelmartinez.net