Dislocating Urban Studies: Rethinking Theory, Shifting Practice is a series of digital workshops that invites scholars working on/in/out of the above-mentioned margins who have carried out empirical, methodological or theoretical work that helps expand the boundaries of urban studies. Our aim is to engage in critical dialogue and explore different starting points or strategies that contribute to dislocating the centre of the field. In four workshops, we seek to:

  • Workshop 1: Engage with forgotten or little-known anti-colonial and anti-capitalist urban concepts or theorists / 18-19 February 2021
  • Workshop 2: Learn from empirical cases from “off the map” of urban studies / 18-19 March 2021
  • Workshop 3: Explore methodological approaches that allow for research in understudied geographies and contribute to a global comparative urbanism /
    15-16 April 2021
  • Workshop 4: Challenge, revisit or rethink the usefulness of key concepts in the field (e.g. financialisation, gentrification, displacement, neoliberal urbanism, right to the city) / 17-18 May 2021