Welcome to register to the online workshop as an attendee!

It is possible to follow the workshops live and pose questions to the presenters. Please follow the following steps to register:

1. To join the workshop, kindly register to get your individual Webinar link
Workshop 1 
Workshop 2 
Workshop 3 
Workshop 4

NB: There will be ONE LINK for each two-day Workshop. (Eg. Workshop 1, 18&19 Feb).

2. The workshop begins at 9:10 CET . Should you log in a bit earlier than the start time, you will automatically be directed into the waiting room and admitted into the Webinar when it officially begins.

3. Here are a few Zoom Webinars features to keep in mind:
– Attendees will be muted and with their videos off throughout the workshop.
– They can ask questions via the Q&A feature at the bottom of the screen. 
– Chat function between panelists and attendees will be disabled with Zoom. 
– Opening sessions, given the consent of the discussant, and the general wrap-ups will be recorded. Presentations will not be recorded.

 4.Find the full programme on this page